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Science & Technology News
AllTop Future News American Scientist BBC Tech News
Beta News Bing Sci-Tech News CNet Tech News
Daily Rotation Daily Tech Discover
EE Times EurekAlert Fox Sci-Tech News
Future Tech News Innovation Watch Kurzweil AI News
Metamodern MIT Tech Review MSNBC Science News
NASA JPL News NewsLinx Web News New Scientist
Newsvine Next Big Future Physics Org
Popular Mechanics Popular Science Reddit Tech News
Reddit Sci News Reuters Science a GoGo
Science Daily ScienCentral Science Online
Sci-Tech Daily Slashdot Small Times
Space News Tech News World Technut News
Tech Web The Register Wired News
Yahoo Tech News Yahoo Sci News ZD Tech News

Software Engineering
Developer's Resources 1 Developer's Resources 2 Developer's Resources 3
Software Eng. Institute Software Eng. Lectures Software Engineering
Unix Programming FAQ Yahoo Prog. Languages Yahoo Software Eng.

Supercomputer Engineering
Cray Supercomputers IBM Research Intel Research
Linpack Benchmark NERSC Research Petaflops Supercomputer
RSFQ Devices Supercomp. R & D Center Yahoo Comp. Eng.

Cybernetic Engineering
Android World Cybernetics Department Dmoz Robotics
MIT AI Lab Neural Networks Polymer Actuators
Robotic Institute Robotics FAQ Robotics Resources 1
Robotics Resources 2 Vehicle Guidance Yahoo Robotics

Electronic/Electrical Engineering
Amateur Radio Links Bowden's Hobby Circuits Circuit Archive
Circuit Cookbook Circuit World CMOS Circuit Applets
DC Motor Operation Electrical Engin. Links Electronic Paper
Flexible Displays Maglev FAQ Maglev Train
Semiconductor Glossary Semiconductor Subway Yahoo Electr. Eng.

Optical Engineering
Amateur Holography ATM Links Dmoz Optics
Int. Society Optical Eng. Lens Simulator Optics Sites
POV Ray Tracing The OSA Yahoo Optical Eng.

Mechanical Engineering
Finite Elem. Resource Intro To MEMS Mechanical Eng. FAQ
Mech. Equations Rapid Prototyping 1 Rapid Prototyping 2
The ASME The SME Yahoo Mech. Eng.

Aerospace Engineering
Aerospace Links Astro. Glossary Basics Of Space Flight
Chemical Propellants Chemical Rocket Lecture Fusion Propulsion Class
Gas Dynamics Lab NASA JPL The AIAA
The Moller Skycar Theory Of Flight Yahoo Aerospace Eng.

Dmoz Nanotechnology Foresight Institute Inst. Mol. Manufacturing
Nanodot Nano Links 1 Nano Links 2
Nanoscale Science Nanotech News Nanotech Web
Nanotechnology Yahoo Nanotechnology Zyvex Research

Genetic Engineering
Genetic Eng. News Genetics Glossary Genetics Links
Genome FAQ Genome Roadmap Genome Sequencing
Human Gene Map Human Gene Sequence Yahoo Genetic Eng.

Berkeley Dinosaurs Berkeley Museum Burgess Shale 1
Burgess Shale 2 Burgess Shale 3 Carbon Dating
Dinosaur Genera Dinosaur Data Dmoz Paleontology
Early Life Earth Sciences Links Geologic Time Scale
Ice Age Paleoecology La Brea Tar Pits New Mexico Museum
Paleontology FAQ Trilobites Yahoo Paleontology

Chemical Engineering
Chemical Calculator Chemical Eng. FAQ Emmisive Polymers
Fuel Cells 2000 High-Temp Supercond. History Of Chem. Eng.
Light-Emitting Polymers Petroleum Links POVChem Software
Supercond. Collection The AIChE Yahoo Chemical Eng.

Nuclear Engineering
Aneutronic Fusion Focus Fusion Fusion FAQ
Fusion News Fusion Power General Fusion
IEC Fusion ITER Fusion Nuclear Energy FAQ
Nuclear Physics Links World Fusion Research Yahoo Nuclear Eng.

General Physics
Classical Mechanics Gravitational Waves Maxwell's Equations
Physics Demonstrations Physics FAQ Physics Links 1
Physics Links 2 Physics Links 3 Physics Preprints
Spectroscopy Statistical Mechanics Superstring Theory
The APS X-Ray Diffraction Yahoo Physics

Particle Physics
Dmoz Particle Physics Feynman Diagrams Particle Data Group
Particle Interactions Particle Physics Particle Physics Info
Particle Physics Links Rel. Heavy Ion Collider Solar Neutrinos
The Standard Model 1 The Standard Model 2 Yahoo Particle Physics

Quantum Mechanics
Basic Ideas About QM Basic Quantum Mech. Bell's Inequality
Postulates of QM Quantum Chemistry Quantum Gravity
Quantum Mech. FAQ Quantum Tunneling Schrodinger Applet
Transactional Interpret. Wavepacket Movies Yahoo Quantum Chem.

Addition Of Velocities Dmoz Relativity Gravitation & Relativity
Gravity Waves History Of General Rel. History Of Special Rel.
Intro To General Rel. Relativistic Rocket Relativity Primer
Relativ. Flight Sim. Visualizing Relativity Yahoo Relativity

Amat. Telescope Making Astron. Images Archive Astronomer Magazine
Astronomy FAQ Astronomy Magazine Astronomy Software 1
Astronomy Software 2 Astrophysical Journal Black Hole FAQ
Constellations Digitized Sky Survey Hubble Space Telesc.
Large Amateur Telesc. Starchart Map Server Yahoo Astronomy

CAM Atmosphere Model Climate Change Cloud Seeding
Clouds And Cosmic Rays Dmoz Meteorology Gen. Circul. Model
New Mexico Forecast The Sun And Climate The Weather Channel
Weather FAQ Weather Forecast Software Weather Resources
Weather Stations Yahoo Meteorology Yahoo Weather

AMS Journals Applied Math Resources Calculus & Vector Analysis
Chaos Theory Math E-Print Archives Math Reference
Math Resources Mathematics MathSciNet
Numerical Recipes In C Numer. Recip. In Fortran The AMS
Virtual Library Math Wavelet Links Yahoo Mathematics

Critical Thinking
Critical Thinking CSICOP Elementary Logic
James Randi Logical Fallacies Logical Proofs
PhACT Propositional Logic Scientific Method
Skeptic FAQ Skeptic's Dictionary Skeptic's Society
Urban Legends 1 Urban Legends 2 Virus Hoaxes

Speculations About The Future
Accelerating Future Cryonic Suspension Dmoz Predictions
Engines Of Creation Fusion Propulsion Future Conference
Future Memes Future Predictions Molecular Nanotech
Nanofactories Personal Nanofactory Post Scarcity Economy
Technology Forecasts Thinking Machines Utility Fog

Assorted Nuts
Absurd Inventions Boring Sites Pointless Sites
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